Here at MAPA GmbH, we attach particular importance to sustainability and are constantly striving to render our operations even more sustainable. Our commitment to the environment is manifold:

Most of our production takes place at our site in Lower Saxony, where 80% of our products are manufactured.

Production-related waste plastics are recycled instead of simply being thrown away. Plastic waste such as defective parts, leftovers when changing colors for products, etc., are collected and sorted as well as possible. They are then ground down and sold to a recycling partner in Hamburg. The resulting material can be used for automobile parts and gardening equipment. Recycling can be that simple!

All of MAPA GmbH’s energy needs are covered with purchased green electricity.

We introduced an energy management system certified in accordance with ISO 50001 back in 2012 and have thus been working to reduce our energy consumption sustainably for more than 10 years already.

We cooperate with additional external partners for different projects in order to have even more opportunities to be more sustainable. The latest information on such projects can be found in the News section. For example, our NUK brand organized a take back campaign in cooperation with HolyPoly. Old pacifiers, bottles, and cups of all brands are recycled to produce new sand molds. The old products can be sent by mail or dropped off at collection points. There, they are processed to form recycled material from which the sand mold toys can be produced.

We have had the different sustainable materials in our products certified. For example, in our new NUK for Nature products, the plastic is certified by ISCC Plus and the silicone by REDcert2 in the mass balance procedure. In addition, our NUK for Nature latex pacifier is certified by Cradle to Cradle.

In 2019/2020, we had an orchard with more than 40 trees planted at our site.