Career and development

Customized, strength-oriented, and flexible – that’s how we would describe our career planning. We intentionally don’t have preset development plans here. Instead, we focus on each individual’s preferences and strengths, aiming to offer them the most exciting and suitable work environment. We also plan our training and CPD measures to reflect requirements.

We support the further development of talented individuals in both the commercial and industrial areas, for example through partial financing of studies or training as a master craftsman. Our goal is to fill management positions from within the company in order to offer our own employees promotion prospects. You can read below what form that can take:


First of all, we had to earn the five stars on paper in practice, each of them – and that was a good thing. We were offered a wide variety of opportunities to do so in the two-year trainee program. How did it happen? We learned every day and from each individual employee in all the areas of the company. At the same time, we were also allowed to put what we learned into practice immediately. And that is still the case even today, 21 years later, and we are eternally grateful for that.

What skills and abilities were required and encouraged? Proactivity, agility, a solution-oriented approach, pragmatism, and patience, combined with the quality of being able to take every decision as if it were your own company. Listen and learn – it sounds easy, but it all starts with the person speaking. We were and are still being given the tools to do so today.

Christian Ruck (Export Director Newell Brands) and Birgit Meyer (Senior Manager Brand Activation)


I began training as an industrial mechanic at MAPA in 2000. Once I had finished my training, I began work producing NUK bottles and switched to producing silicone bottles nipples in 2004. After many years of work experience as a supervisor, I felt the urge to further develop my skills in another area. The change to the technical workshops went without a hitch, and I set my sights on a role with responsibility in the new department. Together with the HR department and my manager, we drew up a plan. I was able to start a practical study program to become an industrial foreman for metal, and MAPA has offered me financial support ever since. When my studies are complete, I will be promoted to master of work preparation in my department. I am already receiving work-accompanying further training to be able to carry out the current projects efficiently. I can rely on MAPA and know that I have its support even if everything doesn’t go according to plan. That’s a great feeling.

Text: Florian Mahnken (Work Preparation employee), image: Jörn Haufler (Head of Production)