Studying is not just about acquiring specialist knowledge and adopting academic approaches. Above all, it is about learning time management and self-organization skills. By developing both professional and social skills, you lay the ideal foundations for taking on responsibilities in your later career. Below you can discover what possibilities we open up to college students and graduates:

Whether you gather important practical knowledge while completing a student internship (mandatory and voluntary internships available), working while studying, or writing your bachelor/master thesis is entirely up to you and your availability.

As a general rule, we offer these options in all our commercial and technical departments. If an internship placement is not explicitly listed, please feel free to send a speculative application or contact us directly.

Trainee Program

From the classroom to the midst of the action. Our trainee programs are varied and demanding. They focus either on one of our main areas of operations or are laid out more broadly across different focuses. They all have one thing in common: you will be included from day one, learn all aspects of the area, and take charge of your first projects. Accompanying personnel development measures should not be lacking. With any luck, you’ll get to spend time at one of the Group’s locations abroad. Some of our former trainees are now managers in the company – does that sound exciting? We look forward to your application.


Were you able to discover while studying which area really appeals to you? Great! Then jump right in with responsibility as a new team member in one of our many specialist departments. Whether you have already completed vocational training or gotten a taste of company life in an internship or working as a student, we appreciate all kinds of practical experience that you already have to offer.

Joining directly after studying often opens doors for you to a specialist or managerial career at MAPA or in the Newell Group.