High School Students

Vocational Training

Have you almost finished high school and are you now looking for a vocational program that suits your interests and abilities? If you want to complete vocational training in an internationally successful and yet still a family company, MAPA is definitely a great choice. For a great start to your professional career, we offer the following vocational training programs:

  • Industrial electronics technician
  • Computer science expert for system integration
  • Warehouse logistics expert
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Industrial management assistant
  • Management assistant for e-commerce
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Process technician for plastics and rubber engineering
  • Tool mechanic

In each field, you will start by learning the basics and then take over different duties and projects on your own responsibility. Our instructors are available to help at all times and will prepare you thoroughly for the final exam.


If you are still uncertain what you would like to do after high school or simply want to get a sneak preview of working life, we offer internships and open days in all of our training fields. You can choose whether you want to spend the whole internship in one field or get a taste of various careers in quick succession.